The Ape-Mazing Race

Ape Hasbhury is embarking on The Ape-Mazing Race! Each week he’s traveling around the world spelling out Bay to Breakers at different global landmarks. We’ll give you clues on where he is and if you guess right then you’ll be entered to win some awesome prizes including an Under Armour gift card and VIP access on race day.


Stop #9: A

Bay to Breakers is 17 days away and Ape Hashbury is kicking training into high gear! A-Hash is headed internationally for some hill training. Can you guess where using these clues and a chance to win an Under Armour gift card?

  • This city is renown for its Dragon Well (Longjin) green tea
  • This city was connected to Beijing via the Grand Canal, the world’s longest canal
  • West Lake is one of its most famous attractions
  • The city is home to Zhejiang University, one of the top-ranked universities in the world
  • This city is references in the famous adage: “Above us is heaven, on earth there is…”

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Stop #1: B

Ape Hashbury’s first stop is in an iconic city. The city is known for several key landmarks, good food and an eclectic culture. We know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s not San Francisco. Here are the clues:

  • This city hosts a marathon with more participants than any other marathon
  • This city’s baseball team won their first World Series in 1969 AND 1978
  • Many-a-movie have been filmed here including a classic about a group of boys selling newspapers
  • Jay-Z recently had a hit song about this infamous city
  • This city is old, like super old, and was founded in 1624

Congrats Laura, who correctly guessed NYC! 


 Stop #2: A

The Ape-Mazing race is off and running! Ape Hashbury is back on the road and onto stop #2! This city is just as iconic as the first, let’s see if you can guess his whereabouts this time.

  • This city hosts a world class marathon
  • The summer Olympics have been played here
  • They like their drinks shaken, not stirred
  • Recently, this city was the site of a major fashion week
  • Not unlike San Francisco, this city also had a devastating fire, but in 1666

Congrats Telleen, who correctly guessed London! 


Stop #3: Y

That ape can’t hold still and is onto the 3rd city. Can you guess where with these clues?

  • This city is the 26th largest city in the US of A
  • This city is the birthplace of baseball great Babe Ruth
  • A TV show based here had us wired
  • The city has been dubbed “Charm City”
  • Residents of this city really like Hairspray

Congrats Jesie, who correctly guessed Baltimore! 

 Stop #4: T

Ape Hashbury is at it again and onto the 4th city. Can you guess where A-Hash went this time with these clues?

  • This is the only major city in the United States founded by a woman
  • The city ranked as America’s Cleanest City in 2008 by Forbes Magazine
  • The city has been called the Capital of Latin America and also the Cruise Capital of the World
  • This city has hosted one of the fast growing annual marathons since 2003
  • A famous Latino rapper often discusses this county because he’s from here

Congrats Tina, who correctly guessed Miami! 


Stop #5: O

Ape Hashbury decided to cool off and head north. Let’s see if you can guess where using these clues:

  • This city is the capital of its province
  • The city was founded under another name and was changed in 1834
  • The first permanent IMAX theatre was built here
  • 7 major league sports are based here
  • This city has the second-highest percentage of constant foreign-born population among world cities

Congrats Susan, who correctly guessed Toronto! 


Stop #6: B

Ape Hashbury was in need for some hospitality and headed back down South. Let’s see if you can guess where using these clues:

  • This city is WEIRD
  • It’s the second largest state capital in the US
  • The FBI ranked this city as the 2nd safest major city in the US
  • This city has been called the Live Music Capital of the World
  • Runner’s World once named this city the Coolest Host City

Congrats SF Ben, who correctly guessed Austin! 

LinkedIn Postcard

Stop #7: R

Ape Hashbury took a break from traveling and got an internship close to home! Can you guess what company A-Hash is interning with?

  • The World’s Largest Professional Network
  • More than 250 of this company’s employees ran Bay to Breakers in 2013
  • This company’s Centipede team regularly wins the Bay to Breakers World Centipede Running Championships and even set a new course record for the “World’s Fastest Centipede”

Congrats Alvin, who correctly guessed LinkedIn!  



Stop #8: E

Networking makes Ape Hashbury hungry! After a great internship, A-Hash decided to indulge in some comfort food. Can you guess where using these clues?

  • This city is credited with being the birthplace of jazz music
  • This city hosts a huge annual carnival dating back to the French colonial times
  • This city is known for being the “most unique” in the United States
  • The city is divided into quarters and tourists often enjoy beignets, crawfish and fried oysters
  • This city is tied for hosting the most Super Bowl games (10 for those of you counting!)

Congrats Svetha, who correctly guessed New Orleans!