May 19, 2024



HEy Batta Batta 

Base To Breakers is teaming up with the San Francisco Giants for an epic 9-week running challenge: BASE TO BREAKERS 🏃⚾️ 

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Bay To Breakers!

This historic 12k fun run through the streets of San Francisco is over 100 years in the making.

It’s a race made for everyone, so dress up, bring your friends and be cheered on every step of the way by SF’s finest crowds. Pushing boundaries and breaking records since 1912 – it’s your turn to join the party.

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Individual Runner

Sunday, May 19
12K Run




Breakers Bonus

Sunday, May 19
12K + 3K Bonus


Virtual Runner

Anytime in May!
12K Run Wherever you are!



Sunday, May 19

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Bay Segment: Start Line to Golden Gate Park, 6K

Breaker Segment: Golden Gate Park to Finish Line, 6K




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why people love

It’s a not running race, but a festival!

"This is one of the funnest race in the world. It’s a not running race, but a festival. So, you can run, walk, and drink! I highly recommend you if you want to have a fun during running. You’ll be sure to want to join the race again!"

the pure joy of a 12K long party

"This race is more about the journey than the finish line. It’s people watching, crazy costumes, and the pure joy of a 12K long party! Highly recommended for the experience and memories!"

a great time start to finish

"By far this has been my favorite race I’ve done! Bay to Breakers has it all. The runners are there to party and have a great time start to finish. The shirt is great, the medals are fantastic. Hayes hill is no joke. But the crowds along the course cheered everyone on. It was so much fun. Well organized, fun course. This race is a must!"


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