May 19, 2024


BAY to



Bay to Breakers starts in the Embarcadero neighborhood by the San Francisco Bay, and takes you through nine of the city’s most notable neighborhoods—all the way to the Great Highway, where the breakers crash into Ocean Beach.

Among other sights, you’ll race through Panhandle Park at the northern boundary of the Haight Ashbury—the birthplace of the Deadhead—and cut through Golden Gate Park.

Pro tip: watch out for the bison!

A celebration of life, laughter, & the personality of San Francisco

Bay to Breakers is a celebration of life, laughter, and the personality of San Francisco.

Join bumblebees, brides, unicorns, runners wearing only running watches, and probably at least one Spider-Man in this world-renowned race-slash-party.


Date: Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Start Line: Main Street & Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Finish Line: Ocean Beach Parking Lot, Great Highway (Between JFK Drive & Lincoln Way), San Francisco, CA 94122

The Bay to Breakers 12K race runs west through the city and finishes at the Great Highway along the Pacific Coast’s Ocean Beach. Participants run up the iconic Hayes Street Hill, along the Panhandle and through Golden Gate Park, while the city of San Francisco cheers them on.

All runners will be provided with race bibs with timing chips attached to the back. It is very important that the race number be worn on the front of your shirt to ensure that it works properly. In accordance with USATF Rules, overall awards will be determined by gun time while age group awards will be determined by your chip time.

The course will close on race day at 12:30 PM at the intersection of JFK and Chain of Lakes in Golden Gate Park. Participants who have not passed this intersection by 12:30 PM will not have the opportunity to cross the Finish Line. The Finish Line closes promptly at 1:00 PM as stipulated by the race’s road closure.

Specific course entertainment will be announced closer to the race.

Units will be plentiful and available at the start line, finish line, and throughout the course.

There will be medical, police and EMS personnel throughout the course, as well as dozens of course volunteers keeping our participants and spectators safe!

  • Hayes & Polk
  • Fell & Baker
  • JFK & E. Stow Lake
  • Great Hwy & Noriega
  • Howard & 4th
  • Scott & Hayes
  • Fell & Baker*
  • JFK & Nancy Pelosi
  • JFK & 8th Ave
  • JFK & Transverse Dr.
  • JFK & Spreckels Lake
  • JFK & Chain of Lakes
  • Great Hwy & Noriega
  • Finish Line*

* Indicate that is station is also a sobering center.



VIP Perks

(Available for purchase)

The VIP add-on is available for both child (14 or younger) and adult (15+) participants. You can add VIP to your registration when filling out the registration form, or if you have already registered, you can add it on here.

If you aren’t sure if you purchased the VIP add-on during your registration, please email us at 
to check!

The Centipedes

The Bay to Breakers is the birthplace of the Centipede World Championships.

In 1978 centipede founders and pioneers of running fun, the U.C. Davis Aggies Track Club, were named the first ever World Centipede Running Champions, finishing as a unit 130th overall out of a total of 16,000 race entrants. Centipedes have been a race staple ever since.

The 2018 race marked the 40th anniversary of the hallowed beginnings of one of the greatest traditions in all of racing. 


Groups of 13 to 15 runners will travel the full 12k course (or full 15k course if you’re doing the Breakers Bonus) together linked by a bungee cord, or any other safe mechanism.

Groups have the option to run the course competitively or just for fun – see more details below.

  1. Each centipede member registers separately.
  2. Each centipede must consist of at least 13 runners plus one floater who runs alongside, substituting for runners who lose a shoe, drop off the pace or need to make a pit stop.
  3. There can only be a maximum of 15 centipede team members
  4. A centipede may be made of any material that an organization, school or club deems appropriate. However, try to keep it light, flexible and well-ventilated. Allow at least four feet between individual leg segments.
  5. Twinkie feelers on the head of each segment are required.
  6. The final segment of each centipede must wear a stinger of appropriate design and toxicity.
  7. Each segment must be filled with a registered centipede athlete – each runner must register individually.
  8. During the entire competition, all required body segments must be present in the centipede body. If a segment is to be exchanged, the replacement must give the centipede’s official password to exclude unauthorized participants.
  9. To re-enter the centipede, a displaced runner must catch up with the body and resume his original segment, which the floater has been occupying. The official password and secret acknowledgment must be repeated each time. If the floater makes a permanent substitution, no other substitutions are allowed.
  10. A Lenichi Turn, a 360-degree turn made famous by two Eastern European centipede runners (Oscar and Igatoo Lenichi) in the 18th century, must be executed at Lindley Meadow in Golden Gate Park just beyond the 6-mile point. The Lenichi Turn must not interfere with other runners.
  11. All centipede members must start together, at the start line, as well as cross the finish line with connection intact.

The Breakers Bonus

With the Breakers Bonus 3K addition, runners can now increase their run distance from a 12k to 15k!


Bonus runners are treated to an additional 3k along The Great Highway that runs parallel to our beautiful Ocean Beach.

Check out a map of the route to the right!

If you are up for the challenge, you can add the Breakers Bonus to your registration for an additional $24.99!

why people love

Great race for beginner runners

Great race for beginner runner, flat, easy, awesome Medal. I recommend this race to everyone interested in running! Can’t wait till next year.

fun and vibrant atmosphere

Awesome race, fun and vibrant atmosphere. It was a great day at the beach and my brother and I will be doing it again. So cool to run down PCH listening to the waves crash

The race production is outstanding

Great views of the Pacific Ocean. The race production is outstanding–every race got off on time and no problems with overcrowding on the way in with all three races are finishing together

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